Voice ActingMicrophone recording lines on a computer for a voice over artist

If you’re an entrepreneur, it won’t be hard to imagine that you’ve got an amazing idea. You’re probably brimming with great ideas all of the time; that’s no bad thing. Whether it’s a new digital business in Warwickshire or a trendy coffee shop in East London, now it’s time to look for investment.

That means promotional material needs to be produced to really make your business dazzle. So now you need a voice over actor to communicate your idea in a clear way that’ll help you secure your investment.

So where on earth do you even start finding your vocal talent? In this blog, I share ways you can select the perfect voice over for your project.

Finding your voice over actor

There are quite a few good places for the lean entrepreneur. The internet is full of freelancers and part-time vocal maestros who are willing to lend a hand.



Screenshot of Fiverr voice over actor selection

A huge decider for your voice actor will be the budget you’re willing to spend. I start this list with the cheapest option, the US-based site Fiverr. Starting at just $5, from the outset you can select the type of voice you want (male or female) and work down from there.

Fiverr runs a bit like a classified ads page; different actors provide little advert videos with their prices. It lets you know the kind of voice they have and the kind of work they’re willing to do within seconds.


Unfortunately, the price point deceives you a lot of the time. Starting prices at $5 only gets you between 100-200 words read aloud by most of the voice actors on the website.

Fiverr doesn’t even include a guarantee if the work the actor provides isn’t the right vibe for your business. That may work for a 30-second video presentation on Kickstarter… but what happens if you have a longer piece that requires a longer narration on YouTube or Vimeo?


People Per Hour

People Per Hour search result listings for voice over artists

Next up, the slightly more comprehensive People Per Hour. Instead of looking through lists of premium classified ads like the previous service, People Per Hour allows you to search for the job you need and the most-endorsed users rise to the top. The prices run a little higher, sure, but you hire a person rather than just a job.


PPH is not built for this sort of request, really. It’s not easy to search for voice artists or comparing different voices. It’s hard to use, frankly, and it might take a while before you can get your show on the road.


Find a voice over actor you already know

Josh Baum recording a voice over in a studio in Southampton

You’d be surprised, but you know more voice actors than you realise. A lot of singers are performers. Those singers are very talented in front of a microphone and often are playing an act when up on stage or in the studio.

These performers are very good actors who know how to vary their tone of voice to create an emotive reaction. When you build a personal relationship with a voice over actor, you can often get better deals.

The cost of recording more lines may be significantly lower than hiring freelancers through Fiverr or People Per Hour. You could talk through your project face-to-face (or over the phone) and translate your passion straight to the actor.



There’s a lot of cowboy practice and hard-to-use websites out there – it doesn’t make finding a voice over actor easy. Instead, why not take a chance on somebody like a singer? They’re somebody you already know and have a relationship with.

If you’re interested in what I could do for you, get in touch. I’d love to see how I could help your project blossom into something brilliant.